Strawberry Tart

Strawberry Tart This strawberry hazelnut tart is in honor of an unsung American hero, the general who emigrated from Poland to America to help the revolutionary cause. He showed up...

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Catchup To Last 20 years

Catchup to last 20 years This recipe is from Hannah Glasse’s book, “Cooking Made Plain and Easy, ” first published in 1745. Even the modern interpretation of the recipe requires...

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Beef Olives

Beef Olives This recipe may be a bit of a trick to modern cooks. It does not contain any olives at all. Rather, the author, Hannah Glasse referred to...

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Virginia Ham and Oysters

Virginia Ham and Oysters This dish was served all over Virginia as a combination. Oysters traveled very well, especially in cooler months. While Colonial cooks would have used whole oysters,...

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