Chef Staib with Hillary Clinton

It is a joy watching your EXCELLENT program:”A Taste of History”. I’m very interested in history and watching you prepare such sumptuous fare. God bless you! A X I O S

Metropolitan Ephraem

Thank you so much for this recipe! I truly love watching the Chef at work. Enjoy his program very much!!!

Carmela M. Malgeri

Chef Staib with President Gerald Ford

I wanted to thank you for all you do Mr Staib you are truly an inspiration to me. I am a chef as well and I own one of your cook books. I watch your shows when I can. Love the reenactments – my favorite time in history. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to seeing more tasteful recipes in the future.

Zachary Heath

Chef Staib….I am a huge FAN! Completely LOVE your show!! Have never written a “fan” letter but you are exceptional. Keep up the good work!! Thoroughly Enjoying. Best Wishes

Mary Bush

This has to be my favorite show, Just Love Him!!!!

Christine Rett Padula

I am so pleased to see the chef every week. Brings me back home to my roots.

Martha Loew

Chef Walter Staib’s “Selfies” with Fans!