Season Eight

After winning four more Emmy Awards for Season Seven, Chef Walter Staib takes us on the most exciting journey through history yet with A Taste of History’s Eighth Season. Diving deep into the 18th Century, Josephine Bonaparte’s Caribbean childhood is retraced during the exploration of St. Lucia. Alexander Hamilton’s life and work are explained from his political career in Philadelphia all the way to his humble beginnings on the island of Nevis. Deep in the heart of Jamaica, Chef Staib provides a rare glimpse into the culture and history of the Maroons of Accompong, a tribal village that has been autonomous since 1739! In the US, Chef Staib takes you to George Washington’s Distillery in Mount Vernon to show the distilling process. The Battle of Yorktown is featured and the story of how Washington and LaFayette sent Cornwallis and his army packing is told on the grounds where the battle was fought. Back home in Philadelphia, the history of Christ Church is discussed from its construction in 1695 to the congregations of today and the Muhlenberg Family history is explained. Ellis Coffee and the history of the Riverwards is explored and just a few blocks south of City Tavern on Second Street, one of the city’s longest running traditions is featured: the colorful spectacle that is the Mummer’s! For all of this and much more, stay tuned for A Taste of History’s Season Eight!

George Washington’s Whiskey Chef Walter Staib explores the grounds at Mt. Vernon and discovers how George Washington spent his retirement years. He’ll uncover Washington’s recipe for unaged rye whiskey produced and sold from the on-site distillery and will cook Pecan-Stuffed Suckling Pig, Pork Kidney and Plum Pudding.”

Peace and Autonomy Chef Walter Staib travels deep into the mountains of Jamaica for an incredible glimpse into the world of the Maroons of Accompong Town. The village Deputy Chief/Medicine Man and Chef Staib roast a traditional whole jerk pig and a savor pepper pot soup.

German Born, American Made – Chef Walter Staib finds a taste of history in Trappe, Pennsylvania at the family home of Henry Muhlenberg, a pastor that immigrated from Germany to preach to small communities in the Mid-Atlantic. His modest goals led to a significant impact in history, science and education through his work and the work of his three sons. Recipes include German fare such as Pickled Lamb Tongue, Stuffed Cabbage and more!”

Creole Cuisine and the War of 1812  The Battle of New Orleans launched Andrew Jackson into nationwide fame. Chef Walter Staib recounts this fascinating story and joins Chef John Folse on the battlefield to prepare Redfish Courtbouillon and Brandied Bananas with Rum.”

300 Years of Service – Philadelphia’s Christ Church opened its doors in 1695 and has stood the test of time. Come explore this American landmark and discover which revolutionary leaders worshipped here. Chef Staib whips up Sauerbraten, Florentine of Veal Kidney and more!

Bonaparte in St. Lucia – For centuries, St. Lucia was a contested jewel between the English and the French. It is also the hotly debated birthplace of French Empress Josephine Bonaparte. Join Chef Walter Staib as he prepares upper-class French recipes such as Navarin d’Agneau and Poached Snapper Vinaigrette in the former French capital of Soufrière.

Alexander Hamilton – The Financier – Alexander Hamilton authored the Federalist Papers, championed the authority of the Federal Government and established banking practices still in effect today. Chef Walter Staib explores the story of this fascinating American figure and prepares Fricassee of Veal with Turnips, Soft Shell Crabs and a classic dessert for Hamilton: the Financier!”

Cajun Cuisine of the Acadians – Chef Walter Staib cooks in the Louisiana bayou for a taste of history that captures the Cajun culture! Discover how French farmers found themselves in the wilderness of the American South and established one of the most unique cuisines in America. Louisiana native Chef John Folse joins Staib to prepare authentic Cajun recipes such as Rabbit & Squirrel Jambalaya and Turtle Sauce Piquante”

Yorktown – The Last Battle – The Battle of Yorktown was more than just a victory for George Washington and the Continental Army, it was a global effort with history-changing coincidences. Come learn the exciting story of the final land battle of the American Revolution with Chef Walter Staib as he prepares Seafood Stew, Broad Beans with pork and duck, Fried Rabbit and more!”

The Mummers: Pistols, Parasols & Parades – The Mummers are a unique part of Philadelphia culture. Revelers dress in vibrant costumes and parade the streets every New Year’s Day. Chef Walter Staib discovers the history of mummery and prepares recipes that include: Philadelphia Pepperpot, Braised Bluefish, Skillet Cornbread and more!”

Coffee Past, Present & Future – Chef Walter Staib explores one of Philadelphia’s longest running coffee producers and prepares java-inspired recipes such as: Coffee-marinated Tenderloin of Beef, Coffee-Infused Diver Scallops, Coffee Cake and more!”

The Queen of the Caribbean – The island of Nevis was known as the “Queen of the Caribbean” in the 18th century. Learn how this tiny island impacted history and join Chef Staib as he teams up with local chefs to prepare a plantation-style pig roast feast and more!”

Washington’s Character, Charisma & Ambition – Founding father George Washington helped shape the great nation known as the United States of America. Chef Walter Staib’s favorite segments featuring George Washington are compiled for this very special episode of A Taste of History.”