Season Eleven

The Emmy Award-winning series, A Taste of History, presents its eleventh season! Join Chef Walter Staib as he prepares spectacular colonial cuisine over an open hearth fire with recipes like roasted mutton, gaisburger marsch, and chicken leek pie.
In the eleventh season, Chef Staib travels by stagecoach down the Santa Fe Trail, explores the oldest city in America, and learns about sustainable oyster farming on the Chesapeake Bay. The Galápagos Islands and the highlands of Ecuador are just a few of the exciting international destinations featured in this season!

The Seed of a City

18th century taverns provided much more than a meal and a place to sleep – they were often the catalyst for a city’s growth.  Chef Staib joins the team at Dill’s Tavern to discover the roots of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania and prepare recipes such as roast mutton, sausage cassoulet, and more.

Eat It to Beat It

Chef Staib travels to the Caribbean nation of Grenada to shed light on the threat of the invasive lionfish and cook up some tasty solutions.  Recipes include lionfish ceviche and pan seared lionfish with fire roasted breadfruit.

History on a Half Shell

Chef Staib explores the oyster harvesting industry from its tumultuous past to its sustainable present.  Staib celebrates this keystone species with a family seafood feast, and prepares some unique recipes of his own like crab & oyster cakes and oyster empanada

Cuisine of the Equator

Chef Staib travels to the highlands of Ecuador where local ingredients and indigenous culture combine with that of the Spanish conquistadors to create something truly unique.  Recipes like cuy, cevichocho, and helados de paila are prepared by local chefs.

The Santa Fe Trail

Chef Staib journeys down the Santa Fe trail through Kansas to discover where travelers regrouped before the next perilous leg of their journey.  Recipes like steamed venison pudding and bison stew are prepared at a local stagecoach stop.

Return to the Dockyard

Chef Staib returns to Antigua to discuss the significance of the island’s 17th century naval dockyard.  Signature island recipes include fungee, lobster rundown, ducana, and creole grouper.

America’s Oldest City

Chef Staib visits the oldest continuously inhabited city in the continental United States: St. Augustine, Florida.  Authentic Spanish dishes are prepared including gambas al ajillo, fabada asturiana, and gazpacho.

Historic Locust Grove

Chef Staib visits a Louisville homestead once frequented by former presidents and the explorers of the American frontier.  Recipes include burgoo, chicken leek pie, and more.

Swimming Pigs in Paradise

The gorgeous waters of Exuma harbor a diverse variety of marine species including one you may not expect: swimming pigs.   Chef Staib explores the unique island culture and cuisine including lobster and grits, conch chowder, and curried goat

The Experiment in Zoar

Chef Staib travels to the town of Zoar, Ohio, established by German separatists in the 19th century. He learns what can be accomplished with a strong sense of community, and prepares familiar recipes from his homeland such as spaetzle and gaisburger marsch.

Coastal Manabí Cuisine

Chef Staib visits the Manabí province of Ecuador to sample its fresh seafood and diverse native cuisine. Staib also learns to make the region’s quintessential dish known as viche at an indigenous archeological site.

The Galápagos Islands

Chef Staib journeys to the famed Galápagos Islands. He explores the vast wildlife, samples coffee produced from volcanic soil, and tastes the local ceviche made from an endemic species of the islands.

A Look Back on Ten Seasons

A dazzling retrospective of A Taste of History, as told by host and creator, Chef Walter Staib.