Season Nine

Chef Walter Staib’s Emmy award-winning series, A Taste of History, recreates 18th century culinary heritage by cooking spectacular colonial recipes over an open hearth fire. In this season, Chef Staib returns to Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello and visits the site of America’s first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, Virginia. Joined by his son, he also travels to Nicaragua in a touching tribute to his late wife. Other notable locations include Pennsbury Manor, the south coast of Jamaica, a rainforest in St. Lucia and more! Stuffed kohlrabi, lavender-marinated duck, oyster toast, and lemon meringue pie are just a few of the many extravagant 18th century recipes created.

Remember Paoli!

Chef Walter Staib uncovers the life of General “Mad Anthony” Wayne and the Battle of Paoli – an event that inspired America’s first battle cry, “Remember Paoli!”  Recipes include braised short ribs, Pennsylvania Dutch gratin, and more.

Settling Jamestown

The struggle and triumph of the first permanent English settlement in North America is explored. In honor of the natives and colonists of Jamestown, Virginia, Chef Staib prepares stuffed roasted chicken with wild rice and cornbread.

Jamaica’s Spectacular South Coast

Chef Staib travels along the south coast of Jamaica and delights in adventure off the beaten track, relishing a local’s delicious pepper shrimp dish and a fisherman’s hangout in the middle of the sea.

The Bounty of Penn’s Pennsylvania

William Penn was amazed to find vast numbers of wild game in the forests of the New World. Chef Walter Staib travels to Pennsbury Manor and prepares recipes such as elk stew that would have been enjoyed by the Pennsylvania colonists including Penn himself.

A Tribute to Mrs. Goodfellow

Mrs. Goodfellow was a successful baker and teacher who opened the first finishing school in America.  Chef Walter Staib and Pastry Chef Diana recreate some of her most notable creations, including lemon meringue pie and much more.

Recipes in the Rainforest

The natural beauty and unique foods of St. Lucia are explored.  Chef Walter Staib learns some native creole language and helps prepare unique and traditional St. Lucian fare in the tropical forest of this island nation.

Pennsbury: The Working Estate

Grand estates required an enormous amount of effort to maintain during the early days of America.  Chef Staib discovers what it took at the manor of Pennsylvania’s founder, William Penn. Recipes include catfish dumplings and cream of persimmon.

The Monticello Wine Experiment

Thomas Jefferson’s impact on the world of wine is explored in Chef Staib’s triumphant return to Monticello.  Recipes include lavender-marinated duck, oysters with champagne, and more.

Flavors of the Pinoleros

Chef Walter Staib travels to the Land of Lakes and Volcanoes: Nicaragua! From touring antique markets to preparing traditional favorites like vigarón and baho, Staib gives an intimate look into the history and flavors of the Nicaraguans.

Handmade: Crafts of the 18th Century

Chef Walter Staib explores the painstaking process of colonial craftsmanship. Along with observing book making and looming, Staib exhibits his own craft with recipes such as braised lamb shank and stuffed kohlrabi.

Rochambeau’s Revolutionary Road

In 1781, General Rochambeau’s French forces marched hundreds of miles with the Continental Army to help secure American independence.  Chef Walter Staib prepares rustic fare that would have been served on this historic journey.

A Sentimental Journey Through Nicaragua

Joined by his son, Chef Walter Staib travels to his late-wife’s homeland in this touching tribute. Nicaragua’s natural beauty, unique culture, and amazing cuisine are celebrated.

Best of Jamaica

The natural beauty and exotic spices of Jamaica cannot be captured in a single visit! Chef Walter Staib has been cooking in this amazing Caribe nation for decades, both on and off camera. This collection highlights both famous and hidden sides of Jamaica.