Season Ten

The Emmy award-winning series, A Taste of History, presents its tenth season! Join Chef Walter Staib as he prepares spectacular colonial cuisine over an open hearth fire with recipes like veal kidney mushroom pie and baked stuffed flounder with sorrel and summer squash. In the tenth season, Chef Staib explores the unique flavors along the Texas-Mexico border and visits historic sites like George Washington’s Headquarters at Valley Forge and Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. Learn how 17th century ale was brewed and the history of America’s native spirit of bourbon in this eye-opening season. International locations such as the first major salt producer in the world are highlighted, along with a distinctive Asian fusion cuisine in Jamaica.

Jam-Asian Fusion

The lasting influence of the Chinese in Jamaica is explored by Chef Walter Staib in the kitchen and on the street. Unique Asian-Jamaican fusion recipes include janga eggrolls with star fruit relish, and spicy shumai with Thai chili.

Penn’s Personal Brewery

William Penn’s approach to ale making is brought to life at his home, Pennsbury Manor. Recipes include sausage dumplings with a mushroom ale sauce, and roasted potatoes with sausage & sage.

America’s First Penitentiary

Chef Walter Staib tours the historic corridors of Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary. Recipes include white bean & beef stew, and red bean chili.

Camden & the Controversial Quaker

The wealth of New Jersey’s waterfront and the story of Marmaduke Cooper is uncovered by Chef Walter Staib at Pomona Hall. Recipes include stewed pheasant, and fricassee of sweetbreads & veal tongue.

Salt Cay: The Island that Time Forgot

Chef Walter Staib travels to Turks and Caicos to explore the historic salt ponds of Salt Cay. He also assists in the preparation a Caribbean queen conch tasting menu with local chefs.

Southern Fare at Rattle & Snap

Chef Walter Staib visits Tennessee and cooks at one of its oldest antebellum estates, Rattle & Snap. Recipes include cream of peanuts, stuffed pork roulade, and braised green beans.

The Tex-Mex Republic

Chef Walter Staib teams up Chef Pete Mims to enjoy Laredo’s local food favorites and the interesting history of the short-lived Republic of the Rio Grande. Recipes include puffy chalupas, and beef tenderloin with huitlacoche.

Washington’s Winter Headquarters

Chef Walter Staib and General George Washington brave the elements to discuss the winter of 1777 at Valley Forge. Recipes include veal kidney mushroom pie, and fried cauliflower.

Bourbon: The True American Spirit

Oak barrels, spring water and corn take center stage as Chef Walter Staib discovers the history of bourbon in Kentucky. Recipes include pepper-crusted pork tenderloin, and bourbon-glazed apples.

Little England in the Caribbean

Barbados’ history, cuisine, and folklore are explored by Chef Walter Staib. Recipes with local chefs include Bajan macaroni pie, sea cat, and Bajan souse with pig ear.

From Kitchen Garden to Table

Chef Walter Staib cooks “garden to table” at William Penn’s 17th century home. Recipes include baked stuffed flounder with sorrel & summer squash.

The Best of St. Lucia

Chef Walter Staib recounts his favorite local dishes and locations from the island of St. Lucia.

A Look Back on Ten Seasons

A dazzling retrospective of A Taste of History, as told by host and creator, Chef Walter Staib.